Geriatric Testing

Different sized Dogs and Cats age at varying rates, with larger animals reaching “Senior” status much sooner than smaller pets. While each pet reaches “Senior Hood” at a different age, most pets become seniors between 7-10 years old. Its important to know your pets age, so you know when he or she becomes a senior. Ask your Veterinarian about when your pet’s needs may begin to change. For dogs and cats over the year of 7, we recommend screening for Blood Pressure, CBC (Complete blood count), CHEM screen (liver and kidney function), Urinalysis, Thyroid function testing, Heartworm blood test, Fecal test, and Glaucoma testing.

Honest medicine is the cornerstone of our practice.Our personalized service and small town atmosphere make a visit to the veterinarian less stressful to your pets and educational for you. We are a small clinic with a loving staff and we hope to always make your visits here with us pleasant. Please feel free to ask us any questions.

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